What do institutions like prisons, medical facilities, schools and colleges have in common? Offensive odor problems! Whether it’s the medical exam room, dorm room, industrial kitchen, or locker room, fighting odors on an institutional scale is a tough job—and Advanced Odor Solutions™ meets the challenge every time. Our Pro-Fresh™ institutional strength odor removal products are powerful enough to tackle the unique odor challenges of any institution, yet safe enough to use on any surface.

Even some of the harshest chemicals only mask odor problems. But Pro-Fresh™ safely removes the odor from any surface, from office chairs to concrete floors. It’s powerful enough to remove the most pervasive smells, such as urine, smoke and food refuse. Yet Pro-Fresh™ is trusted because it is nontoxic, nonflammable, noncorrosive and nonsensitizing.

Keep the air and every surface  smelling fresh and odor free with Pro-Fresh—all with peace of mind that you are not harming your employees, clients or environment.

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